For landlords

verhurenIf your home has long been for sale and you sat the double burden , go temporarily abroad or you are an investor and want to rent your property professionally to the right tenant ?

In Spronk Vastgoed BV we would like to make things easier and take the work off your hands . In a free consultation , we would like to inform you about the possibilities Spronk Vastgoed BV has to offer .

You benefit from Spronk Vastgoed BV of many years of expertise in the field of rental and management . We also have a vast network of appropriate professional and private tenants. Be amazed by the unique service concept . A service concept which goes beyond offering a reliable tenant . This is merely à © à © n aspect of Spronk Vastgoed BV Anyway you want during the rental period, everything is well organized ? Let Spronk Vastgoed BV you unburden , which is working with Spronk Vastgoed BV

Services & Capabilities

Tenant screening

Each prospective tenant who signs up at Spronk Realty as a house is subjected to a thorough screening . So you always know with whom you enter into a lease agreement. With our years of experience and extensive services, we strive for a successful mediation between tenant and landlord and a worry -free rental period for both parties .

Tenants check

As a landlord you want to enter into a lease you know who gets home . The unique Spronk Realty tenant check is designed to screen your tenant. Fully To rent a property via Spronk Realty candidate tenant must receive a fixed monthly income and be assessed by a credit check . Positive Also, the employer and bank details checked . If a tenant can not meet these requirements are necessary to guarantee that a person chosen during the rental period . Through this process we ensure that the financial "le riska € ™ s for you to be limited. Landlord as much as possible That is renting a familiar feeling from Spronk Realty.


To bring your home to the attention Spronk property has its own popular website . A good presentation of your home is important , for this is the â € ~ € ™ visitekaartjeâ . We take care of inserting the correct object information , a good description and clear a Photo € ™ s so that we can offer to our large network of suitable tenants your property. Appropriately Of course we involve you in these matters and we keep in close contact with you.

Contract Format

Before we places on your property , one of our staff will contact you to make your home an appointment. During this meeting we will discuss all the details of the apartment and relevant issues that are involved . At the rental As a landlord you draw in the application , a management contract with us , receive the tenants of their lease Spronk Realty . The management contract with you, we explain some rules , such as the date and influenced « indigingdatum of the management agreement .

In addition, we define the special arrangements we have made , for example, that your house is rented by the vacancy or the fact that the property for sale remains that any sale viewings can proceed during the rental period . We also explain that the management during the rental period is performed . Spronk by Realty

Check in / check-out

Spronk Property happy to provide the so-called check ( keys with the tenant ) with the rental agent , the property extends all the way and inspect at the time a new tenant of the property . The rental agent will make a full report at the start of the rental period . In addition, a photo shoot in support made ​​. In case Spronk Realty manages the property will be a tenant as soon as it leaves the house , along with the rental agent of Spronk Realty inspect the property and a check -out report will be prepared . Again, the state of each room will be listed . The two reports can be compared with each other. So can never unclear what the state of completion of the home !

Other services

Also things like energy , TV & Internet services, maintenance , vacancy permit application , mid - and end cleaning can be arranged by Spronk Realty. The rental agent Spronk Realty puts you in an interview what Spronk Realty can do for you herein.

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