beheerIn addition to our brokerage function also belongs management of residential / commercial premises to our work. Every owner of property may outsource the financial and technical management to our office via Spronk Vastgoed. Whether your living space or more properties to rent, as a private investor or a temporary stay abroad, we are happy to take tasks off your hands that come and watch the rental of your property

Our management task includes taking care of all correspondence arising from rental, rent collection, mandatory (administrative) and maintenance worries.

Rent collection

The rent of the accommodation is paid monthly to Spronk Property and will then be transferred to your account. You will also receive a monthly billing statement date. For your records, Spronk Realty also has the task to ensure that the rent paid by the tenant. On time when your tenant rent arrears is urged.


To our administrative tasks also includes the implementation of the annual rent increase ( indexation) according to the guidelines stated purpose and making final payments . We can also provide a monthly bill for tenants of companies.


At each initial and final delivery ( check-in/check-out ) of a home, one of our staff members is present. They ensure that an inspection is made ​​of the current status of the leased property.

Maintenance and complaints

Any complaints regarding the maintenance or other issues are dealt with quickly and professionally by Spronk.

For the above services, we charge a percentage of the monthly rent paid. Our letting agents are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Register your property for management at Spronk Vastgoed here.


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