kamer hurenAre you looking for an apartment, house , studio or dorm room ? Spronk Realty can help you with your search for rental properties . We are always aware of the current demand on the housing market.

Finding a suitable rental

After you have written for free , give us the order to find that meets your needs . A home for you

Spronk Realty can help you make the right choice. Through our years of experience and our extensive network we can quickly provide a home. The majority of our customers are already provided within a few days of living that meet their housing needs.

Tour of the house

As we have found suitable housing for you then they are visited under the guidance of our rental agent

Demands on your income

Before renting a property it is essential that you have a steady income , or if you 're a student has sufficient income ( eg a student ) . There is also the possibility for students that parents guarantor for the duration of the lease for compliance with the lease payments.

Cost to rent

If, after granting a search by Spronk Vastgoed for the client a lease is created, then single fee will be charged. The cost is equal to one month's rent ( excl. 21 % VAT). If service in the monthly rent , gas and electricity charges , municipal taxes , fees for upholstery and furnishings are included , the cost is calculated on this .

Signs of the lease

When you have found a rental property meets your requirements , the lease will be signed . In the lease , all of your rights and obligations . After signing the lease you will receive the key to your home .

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